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Outsourcing BPO/KPO projects

Outsourcing is the latest way to carry out business processes in today’s economic scenario. Offshore outsourcing to India has transformed the way businesses function offering great advantages. Moreover by outsourcing to India, you can maximise your profits and minimise your business expenditure.we help you give your business a competitive edge by providing services like data entry, scanning services, CAD services, rendering services, image editing services and offshore staffing services. We are proud to state that we have clients all over the world who trust us for various specialised services. Clients choose us because of our state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent quality services, qualified professionals, competency, affordable price and custom outsourcing services.

The major benefits of outsourcing are

  • Reduced cost – Cost reduction of the business functions when outsourced to countries like India is much higher. Clients benefit significantly through huge cost savings.
  • High quality – High quality of work is provided through specialised and trained staff. Quality is guaranteed through service level agreements or SLAs between the customers and outsourcing vendors.
  • Time efficiency – Time efficiency is highly increased through global strategic planning.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Data Entry Services

We provide complete data entry services that include data processing, data conversion, data extraction, data mining and more. Whether you need data entry services

CAD Services

Our CAD outsourcing services include CAD design and drafting to various industrial sectors like structural design, electrical, mechanical

Scanning Services

Our scanning services help to convert manual data into digitised data. Get fast and accurate conversion of hardcopy data to soft copy data. We can convert printed data.

Staffing Services

We provide staffing services to handle critical projects that need specialised technical expertise and experience. works like an extension of your office

Rendering Services

we provide diverse rendering solutions to meet specific needs. We specialise 3D rendering services, product rendering services, architectural rendering ,3D rendering services

Image Editing

We specialise in image editing services i.e. processing and editing photographs and images for various segments like real estate, multimedia development