Insurance Business Process

The insurance industry is more competitive than ever, this is all because of increasing awareness in people about the insurance benefits. In the world where constant paper work, data entry, customer care and other back office activities can make or break a business, your insurance business needs support from expert offshore company like Range City Consultant PVT LTD .

We help insurance providers to manage cumbersome data entry, forms processing and document management tasks speedily, accurately and cost-effectively. Our professionals can happily deal with massive inflow of paperwork to confer your company an internal strength. We have expertise in digitizing large volume of handwritten, printed, scanned and digital insurance documents. The data entry specialists at Range City Consultant PVT LTD  can capture relevant and essential information from any document with 99.99% accuracy.

Key Solutions and Services, We Provide for Insurance Industry:

Scanning and OCR Services

Providing insurance document Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services at affordable prices, we facilitate you to convert documents into the most preferred electronic file format for easy to access, retrieve and edit. We can digitize financial statements, claims forms, invoices, etc. at 99.99% accuracy.

Data Management Services

With our domain expertise, we assist you to keep your databases accurate, consistent and up-to-date. Our data management specialists exploit proven techniques to de-duplicate, enrich, cleanse and standardize your valuable data which ensure improvement in business processes and customer satisfaction

Insurance Claim Form Processing

Our form processing experts can process insurance claims, dental insurance and disability claim forms with one hundred percent accuracy. We utilize Double Entry System wherein two analysts work on same documents to ensure error free outcome. You can speed up your overall process with our professional support.

Benefits with Range City Consultant PVT LTD

  • More time to focus on key business areas
  • Save on costs and increase in profits
  • 24/7 customer support and services
  • 100% privacy and security of sensitive insurance data
  • rained personnel and sophisticated technology
  • Stringent quality processes for error free results
  • Turnaround time starts from as low as 12 hours
  • Customized services based on your business goals