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Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, a need based social insurance scheme incorporated under Employees” State Insurance Act in order to assure better medical care to the employees or workers and their immediate dependants. The scheme protects the interest of employees during incidents and emergencies which includes maternity, sickness, demise due to employment injury or harm, permanent or temporary physical disablement and everything that affects the earning capacity. The act also gives relaxation to the employers of their duties or responsibilities under the Workmen Compensation Act 1923 and Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. As ESIC registration is a must for availing the incredible benefits that an employee receives under ESI Act, it needs to be taken care that you only rely upon experts for the same. Our specialized experts take care of every single step in the ESIC Registration and provide you step by step guidance.

Social Security Benefits of ESIC Registration

  • In the private sector, Central Govt. pays the employers contribution for 3 years
  • A worker or his dependants who perform last rites receives an amount of Rs 10000/-
  • Physical rehabilitation is provided to the employee during injury or physical disablement
  • Retired and permanently disabled persons and their spouses can also receive good medical car
  • Insured employee and his family members receive good medical care without spending high on the treatment.
  • Under Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Yojna, vocation training is given to the employee who became unemployed due toclosure of factory

ESIC Scheme is administered by a statutory body known as Employees” State Insurance Corporation at the national level. The statutory body is set up under ESI Act of 1948 and consists of representatives on the behalf of employees, employers, the Central Government, parliament members, medical professionals and several State Governments. Moreover, Indian Government can extend the scheme to any other establishment.

Employees earning wages less than Rs. 10,000/- per month are also covered under the ESIC Scheme. ESI Act has extended its provisions to some of the classes of establishments under section 1 (5) of the Act. The classes include shops and commercial establishments, cinemas, preview theatres, clubs, hotels & restaurants, road motor transport establishments and newspaper establishments.

Exemption is also allowed from operation of provisions of the Act. The exemption is subject to the condition that employees in an organization are in the receipt of advantages that are same or better than those stated under ESI Act. Application for the renewal needs to be made three months prior to the date of expiry of the period exemption. The insurance number that a person receives for the first time is to be used throughout his life.